BMIC is an unique organization that supports low income people by providing micro credit for investments in micro and small businesses and for improving housing and various forms of asset accumulation activities together with the provision of knowledge, skills and information required for start and succeed in micro and small businesses ventures. Enterprise Development Service (EDS) is the non financial or credit plus component of BMIC provided by a dedicated team in the EDS division. BMIC is proud to be one of just a handful of organizations which provide such services to the rural communities and is known to be the only MFI that delivers a dedicated EDS component that is in par with the credit facilities given to clients.

BMIC engages in the provision of training, business counselling, business follow ups, creation of market and supply linkages, facilitation of business registration, provision of business information, facilitation of livestock insurance, initiating special income generating projects, solutions to mitigate environmental and health risks of enterprises and managing a on line marketing platform to sell rural products. BMIC also conduct a small entrepreneur award program to appreciate and motivate rural entrepreneurs.

BMIC act as skill development center to educate clients on development of life skills and develop the skills require to start and improve the enterprises through training programmes. BMIC has over hundreds of training products from different sectors such as agriculture and livestock management, technical knowhow training of food production, tailoring, beauty culture, weaving, patch work, fashion, cottage industry, etc.

Similarly, BMIC also provides business management, motivational and positive thinking training.  BMIC has, its own training modules such as Financial literacy, Success in Money Management and Viyapara Jaya (Business victory).  At present, BMIC performs as a resource center by having over a hundred of internal and external resource persons. BMIC's Viyapara Jaya training is being provided in Bangladesh by RDRS Bangladesh.

In order to provide EDS training services in a financially sustainable manner, BMIC has evolved a creative demand driven system through which clients pay for the services. BMIC issues 'EDS coupons' together with the loans for clients to utilize the training services and value of the coupon (without interest) is paid to BMIC with the monthly loan installment. Borrowers or their family members can use those coupons to pay the fees for EDS services or alternatively the client can offset the money paid for the coupon as the last installment of the loan repayment. Services other than training programs are provided for clients free of charge. This EDS coupon methodology is now replicated in Nepal by three MFIs namely; Nepal Women Community Service Center (NWCSC), Mahila Sahayatra Microfinance Bittiya Santha Ltd and Nerude Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.

BMIC established in order to provide an e-commerce platform to rural entrepreneurs to showcase their products and create demand among local and international clients. BMIC believes in this digital era, rural producers also to be privileged to market their produce through online platform apart from traditional way of doing. In order to cater customers with promising needs, products displayed have undergone a series of selection procedures; screening, categorization and quality assurance.

Through, rural entrepreneurs display their products such as bambooware, batikware, brassware, cane crafts, coconut ware, fancy items, fiber products, handloom, jewellery, paintings and patchworks, palmyrah products, wooden products as well as other rural products that receive special attention from online customer.


Establishing New Compost Production Businesses among its Clients

BMIC has been supporting the rural farmers in various ways from the inception of the organization in 2007. It is a notable fact that nearly 35% of BMIC clients have obtained credit facilities for agriculture activities.

As Sri Lanka's agriculture sector moved towards increased use of organic manure, there is a huge demand for good quality organic manure produced in the country. Berendina mooted the new project of promoting production of high quality compost at rural level. Thirty-one (31) new compost production businesses will be established under this initiative. Machineries such as Shredder Machines and Compost Bag Closer Machines will be provided for 31 entrepreneurs as a donation.

The main objectives of the project are promoting the commercial level compost production as a viable business venture, providing good quality compost to the farmers in order to ensure undisturbed crop production and motivating the clients to adopt the organic cultivation practices to provide safety food to consumers and protect soil and environment.

The selected Berendina clients are provided comprehensive training on compost production. The Quality control will be done by Department agriculture through periodic certification. The new compost production enterprises will provide good quality compost for farmers in the area at a competitive price.