Financial Services

Berendina Micro Investments Company Limited (BMIC), the first licensed microfinance company under the Microfinance Act No.6 of 2016 established in order to provide Microfinance services to the rural and plantation communities in Sri Lanka. BMIC is also the successor of Berendina Microfinance Institute (Guarantee) Limited (BMI) which existed as a Microfinance Institute (MFI) under Berendina family since 2007. The business of BMI was transferred completely to BMIC in 2017 in preparation of BMIC for the application of microfinance license from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

This transformation was achieved without drifting from the original mission of poverty reduction of the low income segments of Sri Lanka's population. BMIC targets rural and plantation communities as its clientele and especially focuses on acute poverty areas in Sri Lanka.

Currently, there are 30 branches concentrated in 11 Districts namely Ampara, Anuradhapura, Badulla, Batticaloa, Kandy, Kegalle, Kilinochchi, Mullaithivu, Nuwara Eliya, Trincomalee and Vavuniya. Further, microfinance operations are also carried out through 49 Plantations in Badulla, Kegalle and Nuwara Eliya Districts. The service delivery mechanism of BMIC is individual loans through “clusters” which are informal credit groups made up of 30-35 members.  Individual loans are also provided as per requirements.

It is a notable fact that, the effective interest rates charged by BMIC are the lowest among the private sector and other NGOs implementing microfinance in Sri Lanka as per the data of Lanka Micro Finance Practitioners' Association (LMFPA). Lowest interest rates, favourable terms and conditions and transparent interest rates ensure that clients are presented with the best chance to achieve success in their business ventures and family wellbeing without being debt driven.

BMIC operates and expands its operation in to high poverty districts in the country and covering all the villages in the area irrespective of population density, difficulties in access to village such as distance from the town center etc. This remarkable feature ensures BMIC is not profit driven and the underprivileged and marginalized communities have access to BMIC services irrespective of whether they live in isolated, remote villages with difficulties to access finance.


Our Products



BMIC provides individual loan up to Rs. 300,000 with low interest rate, not only for the existing customers but for new clients also. The people who need assistance to fulfill their business needs and to build up their asset base can obtain this facility with minimum documentation. All the eligible clients entitle to get the Swashahana facility. Designated officer for this product assigned to provide the facility in order to ensure efficient and effective delivery to the customers. 



BMIC has contributed to enhance the economic condition of the customers over the years. BMIC realized that, with the advancement of the customers and the expansion of their businesses the loan amount which can be obtain under the cluster system and the individual loan scheme is not sufficient to accomplish the customer needs. With the intention to give a hand to the customers introduced Enterprise Development Loan with the maximum loan value of Rs. 500,000. The specialty of this product is, this will be offered only for the enterprise development purpose for the existing customers with special condition. 



Collateral savings was introduced in 2019 to clients of few BMIC branches in 2019 as a pilot project and to all clients in January 2021 after the completion of the pilot. Clients get the benefit of a higher annual interest rate of 5% for their savings with BMIC which is calculated on the daily balance and credited monthly and the convenience of building a savings balance without feeling the burden of saving as the fixed savings amount of Rs. 200/- is collected along with the monthly loan instalment.


Cluster Leaders Program

BMIC organizes Cluster Leaders Program once in two years in each branch. The objectives of the program are to evaluate the performances of clusters and progress, create awareness about Berendina's future projects, educate people about the current situation in the microfinance industry, discuss responsibilities of cluster leaders and address prevailing issues at grassroots level.

BMIC selects one high performing Cluster from each Credit Officer's area at Branch level and offer cash awards at the Cluster Leaders Program. Out of these high performing Clusters, the Best Cluster of the Branch is selected based on its outstanding performance and is award with cash reward. All these cash awards can be utilized only for community projects. Further, all participating cluster leaders receive special appreciation gifts for their participation.


Environment Protection Initiative

As the first licensed microfinance company to receive operational license from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, BMIC moves beyond microfinance towards green microfinance with the intention of creating a greener Sri Lanka for all the citizens under the theme of “save the environment for today and future”.

Thus, BMIC adopts series of activities to safeguard the environment including identification of enterprises generating adverse environmental impacts and implement protection measures to minimize those adverse impacts, identification of potential greener businesses, implementation of mechanisms to convert waste into economically valuable products, creating awareness among BMIC clients and general public on environmental conservation, conduct environmental protection activities together with BMIC clients, implementing environmental conservation projects in collaboration. 

So far, BMIC has engaged in many environmental related projects such as installing wastewater treatment system for vehicle service station run by its clients, installing domestic biogas units at premises of clients, providing health and safety kits for blacksmith workers and livestock farmers, tree planting, school and village awareness programs as well as paper recycling program at HO.