At the end of December 2012, BMI has 2,310 clusters with 56,450 members of which 95% are active borrowers. BMI, continuously monitors the cluster performance and attendance of the clients to cluster meetings also invests on the cluster leader development through soft skills training. Each year the best clusters are selected based on selected criteria such as attendance, number of members, on time repayment and the cluster is awarded with a monetary reward which should be used for community development activity. 

BMI has 53,630 borrowers with an outstanding portfolio over 1.1 Billion rupees as at December 2012. We targeted rural poor clients and especially focused on the lower end of the market. These figures include borrowers in Tea Estates from branches at Kegalle and Nuwara Eliya Districts and also conflict affected households in Trincomalee District.

The Portfolio at Risk for (PAR) 1 day is 1.17%. This is calculated considering the total principal value outstanding of loans that have at least one payment even one day overdue.

The organization is operationally viable and covers all the expenses from the operational income. The operational self-sufficiency as at the end of 2012 is at 104%.

An average of 654 loans is dispersed by each Microfinance Field Officer, amounting to 13.5 million rupees of Loan Portfolio Outstanding.