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OBT program for BMI employees

July 21, 2017: Berendina Microfinance Institute (Gte) Ltd. recently afforded opportunity to 30 of its employees to participate in a two-day outbound training program conducted by the Wayamba Outbound Training (OBT) Center.

The OBT programs, held on July 21 and 22, 2017 at the Nikawaratiya, Wannigama Training Center, was attended by employees from Thirappane, Ipalogama and Bulathkohupitiya branches.

The objectives of the program were to motivate participants, inculcate leadership attitudes, personality development and train the art of working effectively together to achieve specified tasks. 

This event was coordinated by Outbound Training Adviser Mr. Sampath Sri Ekanayake at the Wayamba Training Center. 

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Berendina donates over Rs.1mn for flood victims in Matara District

19th July 2017: Berendina Development Services (Gte) Ltd. recently pledged over Rupees one million worth financial assistance to victims affected by floods during May this year, in the Matara, Akuressa Divisional Secretariat Division recently. Under the financial assistance totaling Rs. 1,027,000 scheduled to be disbursed in three instalments, the first instalment amounting to Rs. 882,000 was disbursed to 50 families in the area at an event held on the 19th of July, 2017. 

The beneficiaries who received assistance were those who engaged in self-employment as their core livelihood in Akuressa but unfortunately had fell victim to the natural calamity while the consideration of the value of assistance provided were proportionate to the extent of destruction caused by the floods. 

Prior to providing assistance, a special motivational workshop on rebuilding the business and business development was held with the participation of senior consultants. 

The event was attended by Divisional Secretary of Akuressa, Mr. O. V Chandana Thilakarathna, General Manager of Berendina Development Services, Mr. Dayantha Fernando, Assistant Director (Planning) at the Akuressa Divisional Secretariat - Mr. D.R Wanniarachchi, Senior Manager of Berendina Employment Center, Mr. Jayatissa Manamperi and Development Officers in Akuressa Divisional Secretariat.

Berendina is planning to release the second and third installments during the next few weeks after completing a joint beneficiary follow-up visits conducted by the Economic Development Officials of the Akuressa Divisional Secretariat and the Berendina Development Services (Gte) Ltd.


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Berendina recognizes academic achievements of vulnerable youth

23rd of June 2017: Berendina Employment Centre (BEC) in collaboration with World Vision (WV) recently conducted the certificate awarding ceremony to recognize 41 students who completed the Professional Skills Development Program in Batticaloa.

The Awards ceremony was held on Friday 23rd of June 2017 at PHPF training center in Kiran in the Batticaloa district.

The ceremony was conducted with the patronage of General Manager of BEC - Mr. Hemantha Harischandra and District Manager of BEC in Batticaloa - Mr. Thinesh. Other dignitaries who graced the occasion included a Volunteer teacher from Germany - Ms. Tofias Anne, Founder of People Helping People Foundation – Mr. Francis, Sunrise Hotel Pasikudah Jetwing’s Front Office Manager - Mr. Sathees, Training & Development Executive at Sunrise Hotel –Mr. Suranga, Youth service officers in the Kiran division and parents and other invitees.

The Professional Skills Development Program, a three-month full time Diploma course in English, Life skills and ICT was inaugurated on 14th March 2017 in the Batticaloa District. The program implemented by People Helping People Foundation was targeted at the youth between ages of 17 – 25 who had qualified in their O/Ls and or completed A/Ls.

Out of the 41 students who completed the programme, 19 have been selected by companies for jobs through BEC-organized job fairs, 15 students have been directed by 2 institutions for their higher education and 07 students have expressed interest to join an internship at Jetwing Hotel’s management programme.

The objective of the program is to develop professional skills including effective communication skills (spoken and written) and presentation skills of the participating youth. The goal is to produce self-confident individuals who would master inter-personal skills, team management skills, and leadership skills. It will also assist them in developing broad career plans, evaluate employment market, identify the organizations to gain better placements and match the job requirements with their skills.

BEC and WV were the funding collaborators of the program which was conducted at Kiran in Batticaloa. The total course for the programme was Rs. 820, 000.00 in which WV contributed 25% of the total course fees and BEC bearing the balance sum.

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BMI organizes hygiene program for Children

12th June 2017: The Kothmale branch of Berendina Microfinance Institute (Gte) Ltd (BMI) organized a Hygienic education and promotional session for children on 12th of June 2017 at the Mallanda Community Hall in Kothmale. The training session was conducted by the Medical Officer of Health for Hapugasthalawa, Mr.Kirimanna.

More than 25 children actively participated in the program where the training focused on educating children on the importance of cleaning hands, oral hygiene and other basic hygienic practices. 

BMI Microfinance Officer, Mr. Ajith, who received guidance from the BMI Kothmale branch - Branch Manager was the key coordinator of this programme. 

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Berendina holds ‘Soup Dansela’ in Thirappane

10th June 2017: The staff of Berendina Microfinance Institute (Gte) Ltd (BMI) in the Anuradhapura region organized a ‘Soup Dansela’ (alms giving stall) recently to mark the celebration of Poson Poya Day, which is of great religious significance to the Buddhists in Sri Lanka.

The ‘Dansela’ was held near the Thirappane Maradankawala Mawatha on the 10th of June 2017 from 10.30am to 3.00PM and attracted the participation of around 3000 persons. The event was a grand success. 

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Berendina & HSBC staff conduct ‘Shramadana’ campaign

03rd June 2017: The employees of the Berendina Group from Berendina Development Services (BDS) and staff members of HSBC recently organized a 'Shramadana' campaign at the construction site of the planned water project in Kanadararathmale Village belonging to the Kahatagasdigiliya Divisional Secretariat division. The event which was also participated by the members of the general public was held on the 3rd of June, 2017.

Participants engaged in both earth filling and preparation of foundation for the project site. Improving the social cohesion among the village community and the HSBC staff was also a major objective of this event, organisers said.

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a prevailing issue especially in the North-Central province with the lack of clean drinking water being regarded as a major factor in the spread of the disease. 

One step under the “Manudiya Saviya” is the water project in Kanadararathmale Village which plans to facilitate access for safe drinking water to over 280 families in the area by purifying water through the RO filter mechanism. HSBC has made a financial contribution through its Corporate Sustainability to make this social work a success. 

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BDS assures prestigious care for 98 elders

May 2017: As the elders specially from rural and plantation areas are facing difficulties and inconveniences when they visit places such as hospitals, public transport, banks and postal services etc. to get things done, Berendina Development Services (BDS) recently intervened in issuing elder's identity cards for 98 elders in Ambagamuwa Divisional Secretariat (DS) both plantation and rural areas. 

More often elders have to wait hours or a whole day to acquire public services without concerning their health discomforts. It is obvious that the group of people in the society which needs the optimum attention and care have been marginalized. 

Among the total number of elders who received their Identity Cards, there were 63 elders from the estates Abbotsleigh, Carolina, Lonach, Vellaioya, Dickoya, Templestowe, Shannon and Strathdon respectely. In addition, 35 elders were from the rural villages of Ambagamuwa DS Division. 

This initiative was conducted with the collaboration of Social Services Department and Ambagamuwa (DS) office. With this opportunity, elders would be privileged to be served prestigiously in public serving places while restoring their dignity.

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BMIC Kaluwanchikudy holds first trade fair

11th April 2017: The Kaluwanchikudy Branch of Berendina Micro Investment Company (BMIC), in conjunction with the Berendina Employment Centre (BEC) conducted its first trade and job fair on 11th April, 2017 close to the Kaluwanchikudy Agriculture Department at Pandiruppu Junction.

This event, held from 9 am to 4 pm, was jointly organised by the staff of the Kaluwanchikudy branch and the Head office. The event was participated by around 40 traders with each Trader earning an average of LKR 3000.00.  

“As most of the producers didn't have exposure to trade fair they were shy to sell the goods to buyers and BMIC staff assisted them to sell the goods,”organisers said.

The objective of the fair was to support clients to sell their products while providing an exposure to clients in approaching wide range of consumer base. Meanwhile BEC registered 16 youths for Jobs at the job fair.

Trader T. Sivakolunthu had heist sale for the day.


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BMI Dehiowita branch holds Mini Trade Fair & Job Fair

11th of April 2017: The Dehiowita branch of Berendina Microfinance Institute (Gte) Ltd (BMI) organised a Mini Trade Fair and a Mini Job Fair on the on 11th of April at Good market venue near the Dehiowita Pradeshiya Sabawa. The event, held from 9 am to 4 pm as planned by Dehiowita branch and Head office, was the first trade fair held by the branch for the year 2017 and was jointly conducted by the Berendina Employment Center (BEC) and BMI.

The event was participated by around 25 traders with each Trader earning an average of LKR 4,400.00. Ten other traders earned more than LKR 4,000.00.

“As most of the producers didn’t have exposure to trade fair they were shy to sell the goods to buyers and BMI staff assisted them to sell the goods. They provided price boards and helped them to attract buyers,” organisers said.
The event proved to be a grand success.

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Joint trade fair by BMI Valaichenai & BMIC Chenkalady

08th April 2017: The Valaichenai Branch of Berendina Microfinance Institute (Gte) Ltd (BMI), in coordination with the Chenkalady branch of Berendina Micro Investments (BMIC) conducted a trade fair on 08th April, 2017 in front of the BMI Office in Valaichenai.

The Trade fair, which commenced at 9.30 am was graced by Chief Guest Mr. Thangevel, Personal Secretary, Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Production & Health, Irrigation and Fisheries and Mr.Prabaharan, Instructor at the Department of Agriculture.

The Branch Manager of the Chengaladi's BMI branch, Mr. Arjun, who delivered the welcome address outlined the Berendina Credit programme, the EDS activities and the objectives of the Trade Fair.

Around 50 Entrepreneurs took part in showcasing their products in this event which was jointly organised by the staff of the region and the Head office. The event attracted many buyers form the region. 

The objective of the fair was to support clients to sell their products while providing an exposure to clients in approaching wide range of consumer base. The event proved to be a grand success.

K.Pathmanathan who sold dresses had heist sales for the day. 



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