Disaster Response - Covid19

Covid-19 Relief

As an organization, in 2020 we leveraged our resources towards distributing the necessary financial aid and emergency support to hard hit areas of the society whose lives and livelihoods have been threatened by the pandemic, including supporting the authorities and health sector by distributing essential medical equipment and other items required.

In 2021, our focus was directed towards the equipping Intermediate Care Centers with required necessary medical equipment such as oxygen therapy equipment which includes oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders and connectors, Pulse Oximeters, Multipara monitors, PPE etc. and other items required for the critical functioning of the Intermediate Care Centers.

Packs of dry rations and other items were distributed to the care homes and quarantined families. Dry rations contained essential staples such as rice, milk powder and sugar, etc, including sanitary products, medicine and supplementary products such as Panadol, Isocal and Diabetasol. The objective of the relief assistance was to maintain acceptable levels of nutrition and hygiene conditions of most vulnerable families.

As part of our Bright Student Scholarship program, we granted students with an additional allowance to purchase data packages in order to ensure continuation of their education through online platforms during the time of school closure due to the pandemic.

By Numbers

1. Financial Support

2. Material support

3. Awareness on COVID-19 spread and prevention