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Muniyandin Nadesan (Age 91) lives with his youngest son Nadesan Rajkumar in Lippakelle division of Lippakelle Estate in the Nuwara Eliya district. Nadesan is an asthmatic patient and his son is 32 and he too is differently abled with both hands being deformed. Both of them have been living in a temporary shed, since his wife passed away some 20 years ago. But three year ago this temporary shed also collapsed due to bad weather, with an almost narrow escape from death.

Thereafter they lived in a little room at a relative’s place. However, not having a place of their own and living in a single room made daily activities such cooking, sleeping etc. extremely difficult, especially since Nadesan was an asthmatic patient. The family also lacked access to latrine facilities. The estate management provided Nadesan with a small office job on casual basis, however this income too was insufficient to meet their daily expenses.

BDS was informed by a local elder’s club on the sad plight of this family in 2013. Consequently, BDS decided to provide a house for the Nadesan family. The house was completed at a total cost of Rs. 250,000. Now father and son have settled in the newly built house and as a result they are currently leading a peaceful, happy and healthy life. Another NGO recently provided the family with a few chickens to raise their income levels.