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A Permanent Shelter for Parameshwary & her Family

R. Parameshwary, living in Moonplain Division in Pedro Estate has three children who are currently attending school. Her husband was unemployed due to a severe medical condition. Therefore, she was the sole breadwinner of the family and struggled to keep up with her family’s expenses. They have been living in a temporary shed constructed in the brother-in-law’s land for the past 15 years, which had only one room. They used the single room for all their household activities such as cooking, sleeping and studying. Their daughters faced difficulties in conducting their studies due to insufficient space. They had only one bed and were mainly occupied by her ill husband. Two years ago, one of her daughters was caught on fire while sleeping close to the hearth and was admitted to the hospital for two weeks.

Eventually, her brother-in-law forced them to evacuate the house. Although they tried to obtain a new living space through the estate management, political parties, and the government, it was not successful. Upon hearing the services that BDS provides for economically inactive families, Parameshwary applied for a housing scheme with the support of the estate management and was successfully granted a house with two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a toilet, along with a water supply and electricity.

“My children now have space to study. I am very thankful to BDS for providing us with a house to live in, and wish to extend my sincere gratitude”, says Parameshwary.