TESCO: Transforming lives through education: We’ve teamed up with TESCO to provide scholarships and vocational training, enabling young individuals to navigate economic challenges and secure rewarding careers.

HSBC: Shaping the future through green capacity-building: Join us in our partnership with HSBC as we provide capacity-building training to youth clubs, nurturing their potential to drive sustainable practices in the green technology sector.

CBM: Building bridges for inclusive economic growth: Together with CBM, we are dedicated to establishing civil society partnerships that drive economic inclusivity and empower marginalized communities.

UNDP: Driving sustainable change: Join our efforts with UNDP as we provide support for social cohesion in resettled communities, alongside livelihood assistance that promotes long-term resilience.

HELA Clothing: Supporting students’ academic journeys: Join our efforts with Hela Clothing as we provide scholarships that empower students to pursue higher education and unlock a world of possibilities.