Vulnerable and Marginalized communities

BDS categorizes the vulnerability of men and women based on the economic and social conditions such as income, involvement in community level actions, decision making, level of inclusiveness and acceptance in the society they live in. Thus the focus of BDS will be towards Widows, peasant farmers, subsistence fishermen, micro businessmen and laborers. 


BDS categorizes the men and women over 60 years as elders. Hence, emphasizes the importance of working with Elders to advocate protecting their rights while ensuring they are not excluded or marginalized from the society due to their age and vulnerability. 

Women-headed families

Most widows and deserted wives in Rural and Plantation areas are generally poor, marginalized and exploited. BDS will address their challenges through legal, social and economic empowerment. This will also result in developing human consciousness and bring about a wide change in attitudes of the society towards such women. 

Differently-abled people

      BDS works with Differently-abled people both physically and mentally to protect them from the social exclusions due to their inability. BDS will provide charitable and development assistance in an appropriate manner.