Income Generation loan for Mr. Randeniya

BMI Client: Mr. Randeniya 

Location: Ipalogama

Mr. H.M.P.B Randeniya is a 48-year-old married male from Yakallegama in Eppawela. He has a daughter and a son aged 16 years and 10 years, respectively. 
The family, who lived in a temporary shelter constructed out of wooden planks was first identified for assistance under the Berendina Development Services Livelihood Development Programme in 2012. At the time, Randeniya was a daily wage earner receiving a fluctuating income of approximately LKR 12,000/ while his wife, a farmer earned a monthly income of LKR 8000.  However, since the couple's earnings was not a regular one, the family was burdened with financial hardship as they did not have any savings of their own.  
Mr. Randeniya obtained his first loan of LKR 25,000 in 2012 to produce bricks for sale while he utilized his second loan of LKR 50,000 to produce and sell packeted goods through the setting up of a grinding mill.  

In 2015 he obtained further loan of LKR 75,000/ which was used to cultivate Passion fruits. Through the income earned from passion fruits, he was able to build his house and obtain a plot of land on lease to cultivate passion fruits. 

Mr. Randeniya has taken part in a training programme on passion fruit cultivation followed by a technical session on 'Business Success' (Viyapara Jaya) conducted by Berendina Enterprise Development Services. His participation at the session was one of the key reasons he was able to significantly develop his business as he did not possess sufficient knowledge prior to that. 
Mr. Randeniya earns a monthly net of LKR 47,000 and makes a monthly profit of LKR 41,000/ and is able to comfortably cover expenses of his family. A visiting foreign delegation from Myanmar undertook an inspection tour of his passion project during the year 2016. 
As a mark of gratitude to Berendina, Randeniya has agreed to partner with BMI's clients involved in passion fruit cultivation with a view to further expand his business. He also dreams of beginning passion fruit cultivation in his own land someday!



Learning the tricks of the trade….

BMI Client: Mr. Rasika Kumara Wimaladasa 

Location: Kahatagasdigiliya

27-year old Mr. Rasika Kumara Wimaladasa, the only child in a family of three, is a resident of Kelenikawawa and lives with his parents. Rasika works as a driver and earns a monthly income of LKR 25,000/. His mother is a housewife while his father is a farmer. 

For the past several years, Mr. Rasika’s family has been living under a partly-constructed house as they did not have sufficient monthly savings to afford construction. Neither were they able to obtain any financial assistance from other lending agencies as they were not in a position to show evidence of regular income or collateral, requested by financial institutions to gain eligibility for financing support. Moreover, the family was shunned by their relatives and the community and subsequently underwent severe depression.

In 2012, Mr. Rasika approached Berendina Microfinance Institute and was granted his first loan of LKR 25,000. He utilized the loan to construct windows, roof and doors to his home. As Mr. Rasika settled his first loan, he was granted a second loan of Rs. 50,000 to purchase coconut and banana saplings for cultivation.

Thereafter in 2016, Mr. Rasika obtained his third loan of LKR 75,000/ from BMI to purchase a cow. With the income earned from his daily business from both dairy and plantations, Mr. Rasika has been able to purchase three more cows. At present, Mr. Rasika earns a monthly income of LKR 60,000 by milking his cows and supplying the same to vendors. His cattle shed now holds four cows.

Meanwhile, Mr. Rasika Kumara’s business has made swift progress specially since he took part in Berendina’s training programme titled “Viyapara Jaya” (Business Success) in 2014. According to him, the program was very useful as it empowered him with much-needed knowledge and skills required to succeed in a business.  Further, in 2016 he also took part in a field visit to a dairy farm in Gannoruwa where he acquired in-depth knowledge on innovations in dairy farming.

“Thanks to Berendina, I have been able to now build a good reputation in the area in my business venture” says a smiling Mr. Rasika on a concluding note with heartwarming gratitude.

Agricultural loan for D.A Premawathi

BMI Client: D. A. Premawathi 

Location: Thirappane

Mrs. D.A Premawathi is a 59-year-old married lady residing in Thirappane located in the Anuradhapura District. Her husband, Mr. K.Piyasena is a 64-year-old farmer and the couple do not have any children. In addition to cultivating paddy, Mr. Piyasena also works as a mason to supplement his income and earns around LKR 15,000 a month. 
In 2010, Mrs. Premawathi approached the Thirappane branch of Berendina Microfinance Institute and was granted her first loan of LKR 25,000. She utilized the facility to purchase a tile cutting machine and betel leaf saplings for cultivation.

As she was successful in her venture, in 2014, Mrs. Premawathi obtained her second loan of LKR 50,000 which she utilized to purchase both betel saplings and coconut saplings. Through this loan she was able to expand her betel produce while diversifying into coconut plantation. 

In 2016, Mrs. Premawathi obtained her third loan of LKR 75,000 in order to expand her betel plantation as well as coconut plantation. She also utilized the loan to purchase concrete beams.

Meanwhile, Premawathi has participated in training programmes conducted by Berendina's Enterprise Development Services. In 2010, she took part in an exposure visit while in 2014 she attended a financial literacy training program titled “Improve Your Business”. According to her, this program was very useful as it empowered her with much-needed knowledge and requisite skills to succeed in cultivation.

She states “The support we have received from Berendina has brightened our lives. Unlike before, we are looked upon with respect and dignity by the community as we now have a regular source of income. We would like to sincerely thank Berendina for their true efforts”.




Asset building fund that saved her a fortune….

BMI Client: Mrs. Pushpalatha Pathmanathan

Location: Valachchenai

Mrs. Pushpalatha Pathmanathan is a 25-year old mother of one child and a resident of Valachchenai. She owns a small plot of land and a house. Her husband was unemployed in Sri Lanka and hence sought work in Qatar. Faced with severe financial constraints, Mrs. Pathmanathan pawned her jewellery to meet costs involved in seeking foreign employment for her husband and sent him abroad. In Qatar, her husband worked as a daily laborer earning a meager wage of approximately LKR 25,000. As the nature of his job enabled him to only earn a daily income of LKR 1500 per day, the family did not have a sufficient steady income.

Mrs. Pathmanathan joined Berendina in the year 2014 by obtaining a loan of LKR 25,000 to reclaim her jewellery she had pawned in the Bank as her husband did not remit any money to her. In 2015, she obtained a further loan of LKR 40,000 to repair her house and earth-fill the surrounding land she owned as it got frequently flooded during rains. 

The loan has helped her construct a small living room in her house and to complete fencing surrounding her land. As she lived alone with her only child, the fencing of her land has now ensured safety to her from undesirable segments of the society and assured her protection from robbers.

Mrs. Pathmanathan has participated in the training sessions conducted by the Enterprise Development Service by undertaking an exposure visit. Although during her visit she has acquired sufficient knowledge on home gardening and agriculture, she is presently unable to utilize them in practice as her land gets flooded frequently. She however is hopeful se would be able to start cultivating in her own land once her husband remits her money to complete earth filling. 


Asset Building Loan to secure her future

BMI Client: Mrs. Sriyani Jayalath

Location: Ipalogama

Mrs. J. Sriyani Jayalath is a married female from Ipalogama located in the Anuradhapura District. Her husband Jayasekara is a laborer and the couple has two daughters studying in Grades 04 and 07, respectively.  Due to the family undergoing severe financial difficulties, they were not in a position to complete their house and hence lived in a partly-constructed home for several years.

On the other hand, the house was also very small and unable to accommodate a family of four while it frequently became wet during the rainy season as a result of roofing leaks.

In 2010, Sriyani got to know about BMI and obtained her initial loan of LKR 20,000 from the Ipalogama branch. She utilized this loan to construct walls in her house. In 2013, she obtained her second loan of LKR 40.000 which she utilized to complete construction of the walls. In 2015, she was provided a loan of LKR 50,000 to renovate the roof of her house and obtain electricity facility. With the fourth loan of LKR 100,000, she was able to build kitchen and living room in her house along with windows.

At present, the house is almost complete. In addition, in 2015, Mrs. Sriyani participated in an Eye Clinic organised by Berendina Development Service. During the clinic, she was provided with a new pair of spectacles free of charge.

Mrs. Sriyani is a much happier person now with all the developments following her entry into the Berendina family.


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