Case study

Hard Work Pays Off


“Earning a net profit over LKR 75,000 a month having come through a long journey and our family’s hard work, equally supported by Berendina”, commended Mrs. Dasanayake, who lives in Ipologama. When visiting her banana cultivation, nothing can be seen other than prosperity. She is happily married to Kumara and has 2 daughters and a son. The family has been fully involved in banana cultivation for a long time.
When Dasanayake and her husband were looking out for some financial opportunity to expand their cultivation activities, she selected Berendina and became a client of Ipologama branch as she knew the organization has been supporting many farmers in her village. She took her first loan of LKR 30,000 in 2012 to use for ¼ acre of Banana cultivation. She went for another 4 loans amounting to LKR 60,000, LKR 100,000, LKR 130,000 and LKR 200,000 within 9 years’ period to expand their cultivation activities. These loans were invested to buy new plots of land, fertilizers, pesticides as well as plants. Right now the cultivation area stands impressively in an extent of 4 acres.
“I also participated in Financial Literacy, Viyapara Jaya, SIM and SIYB training conducted by Enterprise Development Services (EDS) of Berendina” noted Dasanayake. “These trainings gave me additional but important knowledge of managing home finance.” She further states, “it’s the timely support by Berendina offering us loans over 9 years that helped us to break all barriers and improve our cultivation activities in a big scale while overcoming all challenges like fertilizer issues, country lockdown and business challenges.”

Treading Steadily on a Successful Journey


Dasaratha Pathmanathan’s family has been involved in the footwear business for a long time as their income generation activity. She is one of the very successful clients of the Berendina Kalmunai Branch. She is happily married to Mr. Ravindrakumar and has 2 sons, both of them schooling now.
Before 2018, their footwear business consisted of buying bulk products from other manufacturers and selling in retail. Later on, Mr. Ravindrakumar worked as an employee in a footwear production shop. He learned all the skills needed for manufacturing footwear and became a skilled person. But the couple were short of funds to venture into their own business. In such a challenging situation, Dasaratha became a client of Berendina and took her First loan of LKR 50,000 in 2018 for purchasing footwear in bulk for selling in retail and bought shoe model molds to start production on their own. Tasting success, she went for her second loan in 2019 amounting to LKR 100,000 for purchasing raw materials for producing court shoes, nursing shoes, design wear for ladies and gum mixtures. Named as T. J. R. Best Quality, their shop became famous in their area bringing in customers continuously.
“When I want to go for the third loan of LKR 100,000 in 2021, many were advising not to go for the loan as the country’s business environment was not conducive,” recalls Dasaratha. “But I thought it’s time to break these myths as no one is going to walk barefooted because of the country’s situation”. Berendina also supported their business by helping them to get their business registered, establishing market linkages and guiding them to purchase raw materials at wholesale price from reputed dealers.
Dasaratha’s footwear business is running very successfully having dedicated customers. Their products are sold with guarantee for long lasting use. Their products are featured in Berendina managed due to the fact of unmatched quality, durability and selling at an affordable price. Currently, two are employed full time in their production business and Dasaratha earns a monthly net profit of LKR 40,000. Dasaratha stated happily “All was possible because Berendina is always with us.” She went on to say “I have won many regional awards on footwear business; now I have enough money to spend on my children’s education; I also bought a scooter motorcycle; that’s not all, I have started saving money for the future needs of my children.”

The Savory Success Story of Berendina Client Ganga’s Shakthi Bites


Our Client P. Ganga resides in Kalmunai and successfully runs a home based bites, mixture and murukku production business. Her husband is involved in labour works and the couple has 3 school going children aged 19, 16 and 08. Ganga’s business is registered as Sakthi Products.
Ganga took her first loan from Berendina in 2017 amounting to LKR 30,000 to improve the business activity. She could not find any others supporting her financially other than Berendina. With the success of her production activity, she took her second loan in 2018 amounting to LKR 60,000 for purchasing polythene sealer, business registration, raw materials, distribution activities. The third loan of LKR 100,000 in 2020 for purchasing mixer frying pan, stove, other utensils for business activities and the fourth loan of LKR 100,000 in 2022 for purchasing a mixer making machine. She also participated in various Enterprise Development trainings conducted by Berendina EDS division including SIM, SIYB, agriculture training and exposure visits. She is also a beneficiary of Suwasahana medical benefit and also received pomegranate plants from Berendina during the COVID-19 period as an alternative income generation support.
Shakthi bites and mixture products are now marketed over 25 shops in Maruthamunai, Ninthavoor and Karaithivu divisions along her residential area. 2 people are hired as part-time employees in the business. Her husband is involved in the distribution activity and supply the products to shops. She monthly earns LKR 150,000 with a monthly profit of LKR 60,000. Her lifestyle is well improved and with the success of business activity, she purchased a Scooty bike and improved her savings habit. She also plans to open an eatery in Karaitivu for selling breakfast for school going children and general public.

Climbing Up towards the Winning Line


Indra Priyadarshini hails from Battalagala Estate Upper Division in Dickoya. She is married to Mathiyalagan who works as a laborer in the Estate and the couple has 2 daughters and a son. The couple led a challenging life due to solely depending on Mathiyalagan’s meager income. Being an enterprising woman, Indra always wanted to start a separate income generation activity that would greatly contribute for her family needs.
The new path for a productive income generation activity commenced after Indra became a client of Berendina in 2015. She took her first loan of LKR 30,000 in the same year to purchase a sewing machine. While continuing her tailoring business, Indra thought of commencing a small grocery shop adjoining her house premises since she knew selling grocery products in Estates can generate a substantial income than a tailoring business. Eventually, she took her second loan of LKR 50,000 in 2017 to start a small grocery shop.
Experiencing continuous success, Indra wanted to expand her grocery shop. “During lockdowns in 2021, my grocery shop was patronized by estate people as they could find the needy items near their homes,” recalls Indra and further states “I went for my third loan of LKR 100,000 in 2021 and invested in the shop extension due to the confidence that I can overcome the hurdles in running a grocery shop successfully.” Participating in tailoring and Vijapara Jaya training programs organized by Enterprise Development Services (EDS) gave additional knowledge and skills for Indra to continue her income generation activities.
At present, Indra generates a gross income of LKR 60,000 in her income generation activities with a profit in hand of LKR 25,000 per month. One person was hired as a part time employee in her grocery shop. “I lead a respectful life now”, says Indra happily. “My grocery shop generates a steady income now. I can spend on my children’s educational expenses without borrowing from others. Thank you Berendina for making my life prosper”, ends Indra.

Breaking Barriers

Sooriyakumar Jesintharani

Sooriyakumar Jesintharani is one of our clients from Valachchenai. She is successfully running the tailoring business registered under the name – Jesintha Tailoring Shop. The business was initiated by her late husband who was professionally a tailor. She has a daughter and a son who are both schooling at present.
Jesintharani was one of the oldest clients of Berendina Valachchenai branch which commenced operations in 2015. She took the first loan of LKR 30,000 in the same year and invested in the tailor shop. Her second loan of LKR 60,000 and third loan of LKR 50,000 were utilized to purchase sewing machines. Everything was going very smoothly until her husband met with a fatal accident and lost his life in 2018.
“I felt the whole world crumbled over me”, recalls Jesintharani. “I lost all hope of life. I didn’t know what to do. Berendina came forward and through Loan Recovery Fund (LRF), set off my balance dues. It was a lease of a life line”, remembers Jesintharani. Taking into serious consideration the entrepreneurial skills of Jesintharani, Berendina reconsidered to offer a loan of LKR 100,000 to restart the business, paving way for a steady income generation for Jesintharani’s family as well as other employees.
This move drove Jesintharani along the path of success. Her business is now fully established with 5 full time employees and 3 part-time employees. The business is running very successfully with routine dress orders, school uniform orders, maternity frock orders as well as production of soft toys. Her products are also featured in Berendina managed, bringing online customers from Sri Lanka as well as from other countries. “I sincerely appreciate Berendina for supporting me during my difficult days and for giving me hope,” says Jesintharani who further elaborates, “my monthly net income through this business is now LKR 120,000. I have enough assets of my own including 04 sewing machines, one ZigZag machine as well as 05 almirahs. The social stigma as a young Widow doesn’t bother me now as my family is now well respected by society. I can look after my children very well and I am happy to offer employment opportunities to my village people.”

Mrs. Kokilarani’s Blossoming Journey with Berendina


Mrs. M. Kokilarani is an active client attached to Berendina Kilinochchi Branch. She and her husband are engaged in cultivation activities as it is their traditional income generation activity. The couple has one daughter and 3 sons who are schooling at the moment. The eldest daughter is a recipient of Berendina Bright Student Scholarship after successfully passing the G. C. E. (O/L) Examinations. Accordingly, she received RS 1,500 as a monthly scholarship for two years period until she sat for the GCE (AL) examination in 2021 in Math stream. This assistance immensely helped her to cover part of her tuition fees/travelling cost/stationary etc.
Mrs. M. Kokilarani has taken 4 loans from Berendina starting from 2019 to 2022. Her loan amounts were LKR 50,000, LKR 100,000, LKR 150,000 and LKR 200,000. All these loan amounts were invested in various cultivation related activities such as constructing an agro well in the cultivation land, pumping equipment and water supply, setting up a sprinkler system, putting a fence around cultivation land. The extent of cultivation land is 1 Acre at the moment.
The couple plants banana plants in the extended area as well as green chilli, long beans and ladies fingers. They also cultivate seasonal crops such as groundnut, green gram as well as ulundu. Their monthly profit is LKR 30,000 and sometimes more during different seasons.
Mrs. M. Kokilarani fondly remembers the 10 coconut plants she received during COVID-19 period from Berendina. The plants are beautifully planted around the garden of her house. Now the plants are growing fast and she expect to reap the harvest in few years’ time.

Peace of Mind under a Completed Dwelling


Anbalagan Moganeswari has a complete house now. A client of Trincomalee Branch of Berendina, she has 2 sons and a daughter, and all of them are schooling. Her husband Anbalagan is employed abroad working as an electrician. Living in a shackled house was no guarantee for the security of her small family with her husband living in abroad, Moganeswari was always in deep thought on how she could overcome this challenge. The family had to face constant issues during rainy seasons when rainwater flooded the house due to the house being at a lower level from ground level as well as through the damaged roof.
Moganeswari’s hope started to realize after she became a client of Berendina in 2010. In fact, she is one of the long standing clients of Berendina, continuously taking loans to complete her house perfectly as it stands now. Her first loan was LKR 30,000 while her sixth loan was LKR 100,000. She utilized the loan amounts and the remittance from her husband sent from abroad wisely to complete the house building. “I had a perfect plan” Moganeswari continues to say “while my husband’s remittance was not that enough to build our house, I was looking for someone to financially support to build my house and provide a safe dwelling for my family, but unfortunately, no one was there. Berendina came into our lives and made a big change.”
Moganeswari utilized each loan cycle to raise the floor level of the house, building walls, completing rooms and kitchen, roofing work as well as color wash. “I also went for Viyapara Jaya and Financial Literacy trainings provided by Berendina. These trainings helped me to manage family expenses and think of new income generation activities,” describes Moganeswari, who has now rented the upstairs portion of house to earn additional income. “I feel my barriers of life are broken now thanks to the constant support from Berendina”, exclaims Moganeswari who is awaiting to receive a new loan from Berendina to commence a home-based business.

The Journey of Berendina’s Client Mrs. Munasinghe and Her Resilient Home


Mrs. G. M. A. N. S. Munasinghe hails from Panawala, Ehaliyagoda. Her husband works as a mason and also goes for general labour works. Due to the unstable condition of her husband’s income generation status, Mrs. Munasinghe engaged herself as tea plucker in a nearby tea estate. The couple has 2 sons – elder is working as a labour in a garment factory. Their second son is differently-abled child (14 years).
The family lives in a very old and dilapidated house and due to the family condition, they could not get any loan to repair or rebuild a house. when Mrs. Munasinghe became a client of Berendina Dehiowita Branch, her only hope was to get a loan and start building a good and stable house for the family. She took her first loan in 2015, second in 2017, third in 2019 and the fourth in 2022. All her loan amounts were invested in house building for various requirements such as wall structure, roof repair, fixing doors and window frames as well as water connection.
Mrs. Munasinghe thanks Berendina for providing continuous support taking her family condition seriously and supporting when no other came for her help. A completed house is a safe haven for her differently-abled son. She also received Dry Ration pack during the COVID-19 period. Mrs. Munasinghe hopes to complete the balance work of the house (fixing windows and plastering the walls) from a new loan from Berendina once the current loan payment is completed.

Berendina’s Client Ramar’s Journey from Green Fields to Entrepreneurial Ventures


A. Ramar, one of the successful clients attached to Dickoya branch is involved in vegetable cultivation. His wife is an estate worker and the couple has a 25 year old daughter and a 12 year old son. Ramar became a client of Berendina in order to get a loan and expand his cultivation activities.
From 2012 to present, he has taken seven loans from Berendina and utilized it to expand his cultivation activities with purchasing water pumps and pipe lines, fertilizer and agro chemicals. His loan amounts varied from LKR 25,000 to LKR 200,000. He also participated in various Enterprise Development trainings conducted by EDS division of Berendina including money management and home gardening. During the COVID-19 period, he also received loan moratorium facility from Berendina to cope up with repayment difficulties.
Ramar cultivates various vegetables such as carrot, Kochchi Chilli and Cabbage leaves as per the seasonal demands. Recently he has harvested 50KG carrots planted in 20 planting holes (Pathi). When we visited him, he has put 40 planting holes (Pathi) for cabbage leaves and expecting a harvest of 250Kg. He has also prepared 25 planting holes (Pathi) for 300 Kochchi chilli plants. He has hired 3 part-time workers to assist him in his cultivation activities. He earns a monthly earning of LKR 80,000 at an average and a profit of LKR 40,000. To utilize his free time, Ramar has commenced 2 new business activities. One is hiring sound equipments for village level events and functions. His second new business activity is providing cleaning services for ceremonies held in halls (cleaning the premises after the completion of a wedding, ceremony, etc.)
Ramar is having a better life now. He purchased all sound equipments through the profit earned from his cultivation activities. He was also able to make her daughter get married in Colombo and give a dowry for her marriage. His son is able to continue his studies without any issues as well as going for private classes. Since he was into hiring sound equipments, he plans to purchase a DJ console in future. and hope to provide music facilities for weddings and parties.

No Barriers in the path of Success!


Starting with just a few cows and having a big herd of 20 at present, was not an easy task for anyone involved in the dairy business, but our client Mrs. S. A. D. Subasinghe achieved it. It was a journey of hope started in 2015 when she became a client of ours. Hailing from the rural setting in Aliwanguwa, Upuldeniya, Kahatagasdigiliya, her husband Mr. Thilakaratne has been involved in the dairy business activity and was earning a meager income.
Mrs. Subasinghe got her first loan of LKR 30,000 in 2015 to purchase a cow to add to the existing heard of 5. Her second loan of LKR 60,000 in 2017 and third loan of LKR 100,000 in 2018 were invested in the dairy business. “I was lucky enough to be selected to have a Biogas unit installed at my premises with the support of Berendina”, exclaims Subasinghe who was one of the clients to have a Bio Gas unit installed at their premises in 2019. “It greatly supports for my energy needs while most of the people in the country are facing fuel issues. We sell the slurry of the unit to farmers for home gardening purposes,” says Subasinghe.
Year 2021 was a challenging year for Subasinghe as well, as the country was just breathing fresh air after Covid-19 outbreak. While many were struggling to see the light of hope, Subasinghe went for her fourth loan of LKR 150,000 in 2021 as she knew there was always opportunity for her dairy business. With all issues related to purchasing milk powder in the country building up everywhere, Subasinghe started to thrive in her dairy business. At an average she obtains 35 liters of milk daily and earns a monthly income of LKR 52,500. “My appreciation goes to Berendina” notes Subasinghe who went on to say, “the support and guidance I received from the company made me succeed financially and lead a contented life. If you are willing and dedicated, you can break any barriers to become successful in life.”

The Inspiring Journey of Berendina’s Client Mrs. P. Sudarma and Gampaha Kiri Govipola


Our client Mrs. P. Sudarma (42 years) hails from Anuradhapura district. She is happily married and live with her sons at Paniyam kadawala. The family is involved in the traditional dairy farming which is their income source.
When Mrs. P. Sudarma became a client of Berendina’s MaNuPa branch in 2012, the family had 2 cows. But both the husband and wife were so eager and filled with enthusiasm to expand the dairy business on a big way. Their hope came to a reality through Berendina’s loans received by Mrs. P. Sudarma. From 2012 to 2022, she has taken 6 loans from Berendina from LKR 30,000 to LKR 100,000 which were duly invested in the dairy business in the form of putting shed for cattle, fencing the area, purchasing a milking machine and buying new cows.
At present, Mrs. P. Sudarma’s herd has expanded to 17 including cows, bulls and calves worth over 3 million. The milking process is done though milking machine instead of traditional hand method. While the couple works full time in the business they have hired one full time worker as well to attend the day-to-day needs of the dairy business activities. They have also cultivated Pacho Grass for the cattle in a ¼ acre land and feed them every day. At present, the average milk collection stands at 60 liters a day which they want to increase to 100 liters in the future. The collected milk is delivered to various collecting centres in the area.
Mrs. P. Sudarma’s husband has completed basic veterinary course on artificial insemination and he is now thorough with handling pregnant cows and new born calves.Mrs. P. Sudarma’s dairy business now generates yearly earnings of LKR 860,000, including a yearly profit of LKR 500,000. The profit money is used to complete their house with full facility. Their elder son is so interested in Cricket and the couple now could manage the expenses related to his studies and sports, carried out at St. Anthony’s College in Kurunegala. They plan to register their business as “Gampaha Kiri Govipola” and hope to start a new dairy related business as well in future.

Hard Working Hands of Prosperity


Sudarsan Pottery is a famous shop in Kilinochchi when it comes to pottery items. It belongs to one of our successful clients Mrs. S. Subajini. Her husband Mr. Sudarshan is a skilled expert in making clay products and is involved in pottery business as his income generation activity. The lovely couple has 2 daughters. The family had undergone unmatched difficulties during the separatist war that ended in 2009, being displaced in different locations as well.
Subajini received her first loan in 2020 amounting to LKR 40,000 and invested in the pottery business. Subsequently, her second loan of LKR 100,000 in 2021 was used to build the furnace of the pottery and hopes to go for a new loan of LKR 150,000 in 2022 to purchase a pot making machine.
“Everyone was scared during the uncertain period during the Covid-19 outbreak,” recalls Subajini and further states “but I and my husband decided that it was the right period to make necessary improvements in our business activity. So, we took the loan and used it to build the new furnace much needed for pottery. While everyone was locked inside their houses during 2020, Berendina came to our doorstep and gave us a much needed dry ration pack to have a decent meal. That’s how Berendina cares for each and every client irrespective of their status.”
At present, Sudarsan Pottery has one full time and another part time employee involved in the production work, alongside Sudarshan. The business brings them a monthly net income of LKR 60,000 making the couple to lead a happy life and support their daughters’ educational needs.

The Inspiring Journey of Berendina Client Thanuja and Trinco Motors


Our client T. Thanuja (48 years) hails from Trincomalee town. Her husband is successfully running a motor vehicle repair and tinkering garage in Ales Garden, Trincomalee. The name of the shop is Trinco Motors. One of her sons is also involved in the shop activity as a mechanic.
Thanuja’s husband worked as a mechanic in a vehicle repair garage in Trincomalee town long time ago. With his years of experience, he decided to open his own vehicle repair shop in Trincomalee town and commenced the business activity in a small scale. Due to his skills and knowledge in the mechanical field, he was able to get hold of regular customers. At the same time, he needed financial assistance to expand his business activity. Thanuja took her first loan from Berendina in 2012 amounting to LKR 25,000 which she invested in her husband’s business activity. With the rapid growth in the business activities, she took more loans from Berendina which she invested in the husband’s mechanical shop. She received her second loan of LKR 40,000 in 2013, third loan of LKR 70,000 in 2015, fourth loan of LKR 150,000 in 2017, fifth loan of LKR 250,000 in 2020 and the sixth loan of LKR 350,000 in 2022. These loans were utilized to purchase welding equipment, vehicle painting equipment, expanding the garage. Meanwhile Thanuja participated in Viyabara Jaya and Financial Literacy trainings conducted by Enterprise Development Services (EDS) division of Berendina and used the knowledge to support her husband’s business activity.
At present, they have hired 2 fulltime employees and 2 part-time employees for successfully running the garage. They have a monthly earning of LKR 850,000 and a monthly profit of LKR 250,000. With the success of their business activity and earning of substantial profit continuously, the couple could be was able to purchase a new plot of land, complete the existing house building into 2 sections and give away one to his daughter as dowry and bought a vehicle for garage activity