Anoma Nilanthi receives Financial Support from Berendina to Renovate House

Berendina has supported financially to renovate the house of N.L. Anoma Nilanthi (38 yrs)
who lives at Kandawa Grama Niladhari Division in Bulathkohupitiya Divisional Secretariat
Division in Kegalle District. She is with her two sons with disabilities. She is the breadwinner
of the family. Additionally, the family receives the Samurdhi allowance and the allowance for
the person with disabilities which are very helpful to them especially for children’s medical

When Berendina identified that family were living at partly completed house. The roof of the
house was very dilapidated and there were no proper windows neither door installed to the
house. As the low-income status of the family, BDS was decided to do the renovation work
of the house in collaboration with the Samurdhi Authority. Recently Berendina handed over
the renovated house Anoma. “I am very grateful to The Berendina. We have never
imagined to have a house like fully renovated. We appreciate the valuable help.” Anoma