BDS has financially contributed to complete the house of Valian Kannan

Mr. Valian Kannan is living in Kurinchinagar, Vinayakapuram, Kalmadu, Valaichenai, Batticaloa with his wife, three daughters and son for 15 years. The family’s main income is based on the daily wage work. In the year 2000, he was provided a one-room house plan by Samurthi Department. Due to insufficient space, they were facing issues during the rainy season, as they are family with a large number of members.

Berendina has identified Mr. Valian’s family as beneficiary and supported financially to build and renovate their partly built house along with providing sanitary facilities. Recently Berendina has completed house construction work in partnership with Women Rural Development Society, Vinayagapuram. “Now on we will not worry of rainy season, my family should be grateful to Berendina that we have a safe roof over our heads” Mr. Valian said.