Berendina Initiates Community Mobilization for Collective Livelihood Model Development Project

The livelihoods of the most vulnerable families in the BDS working areas are being improved by a variety of income-generating initiatives implemented by Berendina.

A project activity called “community mobilization for collective livelihood model development” has been initiated by Berendina. To raise and maintain the beneficiaries’ income levels as well as to lessen the food crisis in the plantation sectors, this activity was primarily targeted at low-income families.

On September 15, 2022, 35 selected beneficiaries in Somerset estate in Nuwara Eliya, received Berendina, which included 5,000 cuttings of sweet potatoes and 2,500 cuttings of cassava at the same time as 1,750 kg of compost fertilizer. Additionally, these beneficiaries took part in a particular technical training program offered by Berendina on agronomic practices. 

The Deputy General Manager of BDS, Mr. B.M. Raheem, the Agriculture Officer of the Department of Agriculture in Lindula, Mr. Ajith Priyantha, the Development Officer of Somerset Estate, and members of the Estate management all took part in this program.