Berendina Kick Starts to Financially Support Vulnerable Families to Face the Challenges of COL

As Sri Lankan population collectively facing the severe challenges created by unstable economy and struggling over to face the ever rising cost of living (COL), vulnerable families in Rural and Plantation sectors are critically affected by the economic calamity. These poor families have no steady income sources to survive or least support from the surrounding community due to the country’s economic crisis. This alarming factor is well observed by Berendina which always stood with the community of where it operates and supported financially during calamities of nature as well as unexpected disaster situations in the past including Covid-19 pandemic.

To mitigate this challenging issue faced by these vulnerable communities and to support them financially, Berendina launched a special initiative under the project title – “Berendina Minisath Sarana or Berendinavin Manithabimana Uthavi”. Under the new initiative, selected families will receive a financial grant of Rs. 5000 each for 3 times in every two months schedule. They will be provided the grant amount through postal money orders. The economic condition of these families is carefully evaluated and verified by Berendina officials through a through selection process.

The first distribution event of the “Berendina Minisath Sarana / Berendinavin Manithabimana Uthavi” initiative for the Bulathkohupitiya division ceremonially commenced on 26 and 28 July 2022 respectfully at the Divisional Secretariat Main Hall, Bulathkohupitiya. 173 Destitute families living in Urumeewala, Kandawa, Narangala, Udapotha and Neluwakkana GN Divisions received their money order worth of Rs. 5000 for the month of July 2022 at this event. The Chief Guest of this event was Ms. J.A.T.K. Jayasuriya, Assistant Director – Planning, Divisional Secretariat Office, Bulathkohupitiya while Mr. Palitha Senanayake,
Chief clerk of Divisional Secretariat Office, Bulathkohupitiya Mr. Pubudu Wanigasundara, Branch Manager, Berendina Micro Investments Company Limited (BMIC), Bulathkohupitiya as well as Mr. Chandana K. Jayalath, Kegalle District Community Coordinator, Berendina Development Services (BDS) were the Special Gusts of the ceremony.

Previously, Berendina helped these economically inactive and vulnerable families living in Rural and Plantation sector during Covid-19 pandemic in during the period of 2020 and 2021 in the means of dry ration packs for 6448 families as well as monetary grants for 4315 families hailing from Anuradhapura, Batticaloa, Kegalle, Mullaitivu, Nuwara Eliya and Trincomalee districts.