Rewind, Reconnect, Recharge: Berendina Staff Chillout at Nuwara Eliya!

In the scenic hills of Nuwara Eliya, amidst breathtaking landscapes and cool misty air, the Berendina staff from all 12 districts gathered for a momentous Get-Together. With the theme “Chillout 2023 – Rewind, Reconnect, Recharge,” this event marked the first of its kind after a much-awaited hiatus of five long years. The vibrant two-day session unfolded within the welcoming walls of Araliya Red on the 12th and 13th of May 2023, embracing a tapestry of activities to invigorate the spirit.

For the devoted staff of Berendina, who tirelessly serve the community day in and day out, this event offered a well-deserved respite. Their unwavering dedication to fulfilling Berendina’s vision of an empowered and equitable society, where poverty is but a distant memory, had earned them this moment of reflection and celebration. Amidst the lush greenery and serene atmosphere, they had the opportunity to rewind and reminisce about the past, reconnect with their colleagues from Berendina branches across all 12 districts, and recharge their spirits for the road ahead.

The event’s itinerary was meticulously crafted to provide a comprehensive experience. Specialized sessions led by the renowned motivational speaker, celebrity, marketing guru and international CEO, Mr. Kishu Gomes, and the esteemed professional motivational trainer, learning and development consultant, and founder of KTP Consultancy & Training, Mr. Prashanthan Thurairajah, set the tone for invigorating the staff’s motivation. Their words resonated deeply, igniting the flames of inspiration within the hearts of every attendee.

Moreover, the occasion served as a fitting platform to recognize the remarkable achievements of the staff who have dedicated a decade or more to the noble cause of Berendina. These exceptional individuals, along with the best performers of the year 2022, were honored and appreciated during a splendid Awards and Appreciation Ceremony. Adorned with special mementos and accompanied by generous cash rewards, they stood as shining examples of excellence within the organization. The ceremony itself blossomed into a colorful showcase of the diverse talents within Berendina, featuring enthralling performances in singing, drama, and dancing, which left the audience captivated.

As the second day dawned, the unity and camaraderie of the staff soared to new heights. They joined hands for a vibrant group photography session, capturing the essence of their bond and shared experiences. Engaging in team games, they laughed, cheered, and forged even stronger connections with their fellow colleagues.

As the event concluded, the air was filled with a sense of fulfillment and revitalization. The Berendina staff returned to their respective districts, their hearts overflowing with memories and their souls invigorated. The Chillout at Nuwara Eliya had accomplished its mission, serving as a pivotal juncture in the Berendina journey, reigniting the flames of compassion and empowering every staff member to continue their unwavering pursuit of a poverty-free society.