Safeguarding Lives: Berendina’s Collaborative Efforts in Installing Road Safety Message Boards in Kotmale Region

Committed to community welfare and dedicated to improving the lives of communities, Berendina took action to address a pressing issue in the Kothmale region. This region, nestled amidst the picturesque landscape on the way to Nuwara Eliya, was notorious for its treacherous roads. The high climbs, sharp curves, and blinding foggy atmosphere made it a hotspot for road accidents. Over the years, the lack of awareness among motorists about these hazards has led to numerous accidents, resulting in the loss of valuable lives.

Upon receiving a request from the Kothmale Police Station, Berendina recognized the urgent need to raise awareness among motorists about the dangers lurking on these roads. Without hesitation, Berendina sprang into action and put up four Road Safety Message Boards at strategic locations identified as accident-prone areas. The organization spared no effort in ensuring the success of this initiative, as they held the protection of every life in high regard.

On a bright day in March 2023, the Police Officers of Kothmale Police Station and Berendina Officials unveiled the much-awaited boards. These boards bore powerful messages, cautioning motorists to drive with care, be mindful of the dangerous bends, and avoid speeding. The impact of these simple yet profound messages was expected to be far-reaching, potentially saving lives and preventing accidents.